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  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical / Processing
  • Water
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  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
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Custom Pre-Fabricated Industrial Plumbing
Whether it’s DN25 installation piping for a single piece of equipment, or a 10″ plant wide integrated process system, Paternoster can assess your unique requirements & specifications, and tailor a custom package for the application.
Paternoster specialises in pre-fabricated welded process plumbing in carbon steel or stainless steel, but can also offer custom installations in OEM piping systems such as Infinity, George Fischer, Victaulic, or others.

Specialty Systems:

  • Compressed Air & Gas piping
  • Water cooling systems
  • Chemical ETP, RO & DI water systems
  • Fuel delivery & priming systems
  • Exhaust & ventilation ducting
  • Pump Systems

Common Welded Pipework Specifications:

  • Carbon or Sainless Steel
  • Seamless or ERW
  • Screwed or Flanged
  • Fabricated to ASME B31.3, B16.5 or AS4041
  • Bolting to AS1110 (Zinc or Xylan coated)
  • Valving & Instrumentation

Quality Documentation:

  • Material Certificates & Traceability
  • Welding Procedures & Qualifications
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Hydrotest with certified calibrated instrumentati
  • X-Ray / Dye Penetrant / Ultrasound
  • Fabrication Schedules
  • Inspection & Test Plans


Engineering Design Capabilities
Our engineering team is equipped with the latest Solidworks Professional 3D modelling package capable of tackling any 3D CAD requirements. We can efficiently produce precise engineering models consisting of OEM equipment, skid bases, frames & roofs, interconnecting pipework & valving, electrical cabinets, and overall site layouts.  P&ID and electrical diagrams are completed with AutoCAD.

Detailed drawings can be delivered per client requirements including line types, fonts and even project specific title blocks. All drawings are thoroughly and independently checked in accordance with our QMS ensuring quality and accuracy to keep all projects error free and on schedule.
Quality & Design Documentation

At paternosters we understand any project is only as good as the accompanying documentation. Therefore our documentation standards are up there with the best. Every project begins with a vendor documentation schedule detailing every deliverable will we provide. As a minimum our manufacturer documentation record (MDR) includes the following:

Engineering drawings for general arrangement, P&ID and electrical schematics
Inspection & Test Plans (ITPs)
Projects Schedules and fabrication timelines
Design registrations for pressure vessels
Qualified weld procedures documentation (WPQ, PQR, WQR
Material tractability to EN10204 3.1
Hydrostatic testing reports
Non Destructive testing reports
Material and weld maps
Protective coating reports
Calibration and conformity certificates

Depending on the project scope, we are always happy to offer further documentation as required including electrical & motor load lists, quality procedures, flange management records etc.
We offer all our clients’ complete transparency and welcome inspections at all stages of the project. You are always welcome to drop by for a coffee and review the projects progress.
Fabrication Capabilities
Paternoster has a wide range of equipment and machinery available in house to meet customer requirements. In house capability ensures we maintain quality control over the job and can expedite when necessary.
Our equipment includes the following:

Automated Orbital welding
TIG/MIG/MMA welding of carbon and stainless steel
Infrared butt welding of industrial plastics (PVCU, PVDF, PPH, CPCV etc)
Brazing & silver soldering of copper
Hydraulic tube benders
Sheet bending & cutting
Sheet & plate rollers
In house machining
Blasting booth
Hydrostatic testing station