Custom Designed Systems For Industrial Piping

Custom Design 

Industrial Engineered Systems

  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical / Processing
  • Water
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
  • Building Services
  • Australian Defence
  • Manufacturing

What we do

Paternoster offers custom Design, Fabrication, Testing, Installation & Maintenance of industrial equipment packages & plumbing systems.  We also offer specialist fabrication services for components (particularly in Stainless Steel & Plastics).

As every Paternoster project is different, we have developed a wealth of experience over 34 years in the business, and can tailor a solution to meet the client’s unique set of requirements & specifications.

Specialty Engineered Systems:

Equipment Skid Mounting
Equipment Containerising
Compressed Air System
Water Cooling Systems
Fuel Delivery Systems
Exhaust ductwork
Steam Process Systems
Custom Plant Pipework
RO, DI, ETP & UPW Water Systems
Specialised Component Fabrication
Tradewaste Treatment Plants

Specialty Fabrication Services:

Welded pipework fabrication
Skid Frame fabrication
Stainless Steel components & assemblies
Industrial plastic components
Custom Equipment Frames
DLI Gas & Fuel Welding
Pressure Vessels & Tanks

Other Products & Services:

OEM Piping System Components
Georg Fischer
Valving & Instrumentation

Installation & Commissioning
Compressor install
Diesel Generator instal
Other Machinery
Shutdown Maintenance

Servicing Industries:

Oil & Gas
Chemical / Processing
Food & Beverage
Power Generation
Building Services

We Have Quality Assurance
Systems That You Can Rely On Every Time

Paternoster is not only certified to ISO 9001, but we live and breath quality everyday.  We offer our clients the highest specification materials & components, and ensure all our workmanship is in strict compliance to recognised & relevant industry standards.  Paternoster can also meet & guarantee systems to client preferred specifications where required.

Providing Our Clients With New Solutions
Solving Big Problems

This means that you can trust us to deliver exactly what we promised, professionally and ethically.